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Monday, November 25, 2019

What is HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) ?.

WhatisHTML(HypertextMarkupLanguage),                        and how it works?.                         

Documents containing text and images within a Web site are called Web Pages. HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) is the language by which web pages are created. This wayMultiple web pages written in HTML collectively constitute a web site. 1989In Tim Tim Berners-Lee was the first to invent HTML. MS-Word or NotepadThe HTML editor (Web Page) is written using the Text Editor Pyramid. These documentsInternet Explorer or a web like that for reading through the InternetWeb Browser help.What is HTML.

* Features of HTML:
HTML language features are:
1. Easy to Learn: In the opinion of the C or C ++ languages, it's not as difficult as the pages.Can be easily designed.
2.Universal Accessibility: Windows, Linux or Unix operating systemsHTML documents are supported by all, so they can be displayed on machines.
3. Compatible: from various platforms to very easy HTML pagesCan be accessed
4.Stylish Web Fonts: Times New Roman, Arial, Thoma, CalibriEtc. Stylish web fonts make texting interesting by using it.
5.Formatting Features: Easily write text and images using HTMLPosition, Align and can be used to create tables, frames and forms.Can be added
6. Document Printing: Convert HTML documents to the Internet via Internet.Sai can be printed (via Print-Print) only through the link without downloading.
7. Use of Regional Languages: The major regional languages ​​of the worldUnicode (Universal Code) has been added to the HTML Document to display It is also possible to read documents written in regional languages ​​such as Bangla, Tamil, Telugu, Nepali, Oriya. What is HTML.

Tag is the cornerstone of the HTML document. Tags for writing paragraphs in HTML languageHelps Tag is different; Namely Heading tag, Title tag, Body tag, Link tag etc.The tags are Pair and are enclosed in 'A' and '> symbols. The corner of the HTML documentThe first tag is <HTML and the last tag is </ HTML, where the slash mark is (/) with the tagThe finish is in the lurch.Below are the names of the most commonly used HTML tags and their functions - What is HTML.

Tag's name                                                                           Work
<HTML>                                            This is the first tag to start HTML Code.
</HTML>                                          The HTML document (Code) is finished with this tag.
<TITLE> Used to write the title of a document; That is the title of the web browser
                 Appears in the bar.
<HEAD>                                           The heading of the document is started.
<BODY>                                           Body of the text can be used with this.
<B>                                                                                             Bold can be written.Italics goes into writing.
<U>                                                                                     Underline is used to place the bottom of the text.
<P>                                                                                    The articles can be broken down into paragraphs.
<H3> <H2> or <H3>:          The header size of the text can be adjusted. Easy to grow by H1.Medium                                                                                                                       size                                                                               Size by H2 and a little bit size writing by H3.
<BR>                                                                                                It can break the line.
<OL>                                                                         An Ordered List can be created. Yum3, 4 ... etc.
 <UL>                                                                    : Unordered list can be created.E.g.--,>, .......
 <LI>                                                                      of the tagBoth the <OL> and <UL> tags are used.
: Used to hyperlink.
: The hyperlink is used at the end.
<A HREF = "URL">
<IMG SRC = "URL">                                                          : Inserts an image within the page.
<HR>                                                                                        Horizontal line can be drawn.
<FONT>                                                      : It determines the font name, color and size.
                                                  For example - <Font Face = "Thoma"> ComputerApplication-XII </Font>
<TABLE>                                                                                   : Used to create tables.
<TR>                                                           : The horizontal line (row) can be drawn in the table.
<TD>                                This is a cell (Column) within a row (Row)Table Data can be specified.
</TABLE>                                                                      The end of the table tag goes to waste.
<TABLE BORDER = "1">:                                                Used to border around the table.
<CAPTION>                                                                  Helps write table headings.
<TH>      Helps to write table headings or titles. That is, the first oneRow's fields can be written by.
<TABLE ALIGN = LEFT ">;                                  Aligning text to the left, right, or center.Goes
<TABLE WIDTH = 60% ">:                                                        Determines the width of the table.
<TD ROWSPAN>                  : Merges multiple Rows (Merge-Merge) into one RowCan be changed.
<TD COLSPAN>                                                            Multiple Columns can be merged.
FRAME> and FAMST>        share multiple browser windows into multiple sectionsDisplays the page.
<BODY BGCOLOR = "Red">:                            (9 Background-4 Solid Color (33) CPeRI)
<MARQUEE> aR </MARQUEE>:                                      4 b11 0 NU Text Seroll 1 71
<BLINK>                                                                   : 4 1 RIT Blinking (Flash) AAI T

Sample Web Page Design:
HTML ro (St C) HTML Code- q U drT (Text EitorceiaiN T Notepad) IR atH 2 Start All Programs Accessories Notepad-9 GDUTU (Notepad) 5 UTE HTML Code-T ((2127) RI 2 |Notepad-a TRE ETML Code-qfe bR 1. What is HTML.

<TITLE> My First Web Page </TITLE>
<HEAD> First Web Page </HEAD »
<BODY> Arpanap.in</BODY>
B. Saving HTMl Document
Notepad-a HTML Code-7 R zT CTL 3IROTGT R html -htm 271(Extension) aN ​​HET Save RE | K, PRO (Code) C: \ My Documents RAFOILK Coma.html 1a Save P
[2:32 PM, 11/24/2019] Jio: wers (Analyze / Explaining the Code):
1.The HTML program is started by tag <HTML> in the orer line.
2.General Chat Chat Lounge In the sixth line <TITLE> and </TITLE> the tags between the two pages are MyFirst Web Page words are written. These are the articles in the title bar of the Web BrowserAppears.
3.The first web page is written between the <HEAD> and </HEAD> tags on the third lineThe words can be seen as the heading of the page.
4. The fourth line has some text between the <BODY> and </BODY> tags.
5.the HTML program is terminated by the tag </html> on the PM line.
So it went awry -
Each HTML program starts with a <HTML> tag and ends with a </HTML> tagIs done
Each page has three main sections. Namely-
(i) Title: which is written in the <Title> ............. </Title> tag.
(ii) _Head: which is written in the <Head> ............ </Head> tag.
(iii) Body: which is written in the tag <Body> ............. </Body>.

* Display the output of the document (Preview HTML Document):
The HTML document called Notepad, the previous C: \ My Documents \ coma.htmlTo see the output
1. Double-click the Internet Explorer icon on the Desktop to launch itWill be Or, press Ctrl + 0.
2. Click the Browse button and go to the C: \ My Documents folder.
3. Now select the file named Coma.html and click on Open button. What is HTML.


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