Saturday, November 16, 2019


What is Satellite?.

The modern version of the microwave system is Satellite Communication.
thisAdditions occur through a 4 GB to 12 GB frequency.At an altitude of 25,000 miles (37,500 km) above the surfaceThe satellite is replaced in a specific cell along the shoreline.Receive a signal from a point in the corner and send it by reflection to another point. What is Satellite.
Satellite.Satellites revolve around the Earth, keeping pace with the Earth's rotation speedAnd with a satellite transponder, the ground station will be connected to the ground station.Establish and exchange information.Ground Sta- To first transmit data via satellitetion) transmitter transmits information signals to the satellite. What is Satellite.
It's called Up-LinkEither.Then the powerful sensor on the satellite receives the signal with the help of transponderMagnifies it and returns it back to the ground (ground station).This is called Down Link.Thus the earthWhat is Satellite.While satellites exchange information to orbit around, the Earth's rotation speeds in accordance with theApparently they seem to be stagnant.
This is why these satellites are called geostationary satellites (Geo-stationary satellite).The disadvantages of transmitting information in the microwave system can be overcome by satellite systems.Wide
The Area Network (WAN) system can be easily implemented via satellite.
Transmission of data via satelliteRate 1000 to 1500 Mbps (Million Bits Per Second).All over the world with just three satellitesIt is possible to install the jiggle with the part.Currently satellite DTH, Dish TV or Digital TV servicesPayment is made through the system.Geostationary Satellite
INSAT 3B or PSLV IV are two Indian-made satellites that provide remote, internet service.And the defense system has been strengthened.What is Satellite.
                                                                   What is Satellite.

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