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Friday, October 4, 2019

What is network topology ?.

What is network topology

What do you mean by network topology? What are the different types of network topology? what is network topology? What is network topology and types of network topology?.

A precise geometry using computer (Node) cables within the LaCal Area Network (LAN)Interconnected according to the Geographical Layout. Network this geometric formatCalled Topology.
B. Approx. The computers connected to the network are called Node.  What is network topology.

 Types of Topology:-
The network topology is divided into six classes. Namely-
1. Bus Topology
2. Ring Topology
3. Star Topology
4. Tree Topology
5. Mesh Topology
6. Hybrid Topology
Our favorite topics at this stage are Bus, Ring and Star Topology.

Bus Topology;-V-definition bus topology is the most straightforward network, one called Trunk or BackboneComputers (Node) directly with the original cable.Work on this one: Through TrunkMoves data in an electronic way. LiveStart sending a computer data to the topologyIf other computers have to wait. ThatThe address of that computer with the address of the computerMatches, enters the data there. SpecificAfter the data signal is reached on the computerTwo terminators at the two ends of the trunk for stopping(Terminator) is installed. Data terminals will only pass through the trunk if the terminator is not installed.Will remain As a result, other computers will not be able to send data. This phenomenon is called a signal bounce.  What is network topology.

    Advantage :-
1                  1.It takes less.
2. The texture is straightforward.
3. Easy to maintain.
4. The new nade can be easily avoided.
A wide range of connections can be made using the seator or barrel connector.
6. If a node is bad, it is not difficult to send data to other nodes.

1 It is difficult to determine.
2 When a nave starts sending data, it is delayed to send data as the other nodes have to wait.
3. When the trunk is torn, the nodes at the intersection are separated from the previous nodes.
 What is network topology.

Ring Topology :-Definition: The ring network to which the computer system is connected to the Circle / RingIt is said.Relay Race Information on VK Ring Network
Or Token Passing method at the same time.Are transported in the same direction. A ring to be one-way or two-sided.Could Information in the one-way ring can only go in one direction. Two-wayThe data in the ring can move on both sides at two different times.In this case a token is a binary signal of information; WhichIt turns around in a circular / circular way. One of the ring networkssignals to the next computer only if the computer leaves the signalReaches Repeater here uses a weak signal(Signal) can be emphasized. In this corner of the system, computers are ringing in a ring networkCentral computer doesn't need it.  What is network topology.

1. The length of the cable is less than the bus topology.
2. Fiber optic transmits data faster.
3. The error is easy to determine and correct.
4. Reliability is high.

1. When a pulse worsens, the network becomes obsolete.
2. Repair costs are high.
3. Difficult to expand.

* Star Topology :-
The system and the network system in which the computers are a central computer in the form of stars.The Central Computer or Hub that is connected to it is called Star Network.That work? In Star Topology, the signal from the transmitter computer first comes to the Hub or Central Computer,From here onwards it goes to other computers. The hub is the main center for information exchange in this topology.  What is network topology.

1. Facilitate data collection.
2. Node is worse on the corner than the central computer, but the note-neck does not damage the corner.
3. Easy to maintain.
4. It is easy to fix and fix errors.
5. Network reorganization is also easy.

Disadvantage :-
1. The cable length is longer to replace.
2. Install costs are quite high.
3. If the Hub does not work, the entire network is sat.
4. When the central computer becomes corrupted the entire network becomes obsolete.
 What is network topology.

*Tree Topology:- In it the computers are connected in the same way as the  branches of a plant. It's a central computerBranch Node with server (branch) and branch computer with branch computer(Sub-Branch Node). In this case the branch from the server to the branch computer and the branch to the branch computerComputer data is transmitted. As a result, the whole network is gone when the server becomes bad.        

*Mesh Topology:-Each computer is connected to each other. There are    many ways to send information. A wayIf unsuccessful, information is transmitted in another way. Replacing the Mes network (Topology) is difficult, but it isNade can be easily disassembled.
 What is network topology.

*Hybrid topology:-
It combines two basic types of basic topologies to build a network system. They're bus-stars (Bus-Star), Star-Ring etc. can be different. Network connected to hybrid networksThe best of both are available.  What is network topology.

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