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Sunday, September 8, 2019

What is ASP (Active Server Pages) - How it works &ASP Features?.

What is ASP (Active Server Pages) - How it works &ASP Features?


ASP (Active Server Pages) is a server-side scripting technology; That use andDynamic Web Application can be created.ASP is a free, open and compile free Microsoft technology where HTML code, Scripts, XML (Extensible Markup Language), COM (Component Object Model) andAD0 (ActiveX Data Objects) components combine robust dynamic and Sites and web applications can be created.
                                                          In December 1996, Microsoft first created ASP 3: 0. Server with ASP Creating a Dynamic Web Site with Script (Server-side-Script - ex: VB Script, JS Script)Goes ASP technology takes support on all Microsoft web servers (freely available). At ASP.net.If you have a Windows NT 40 Server installed on your computer, you can use IIS(Internet Information Server) can be downloaded. If you are Windows 2000 or aboveIf using version version (Windows 7, Window 8), IIS 50 will automatically detect it Is installed. From here you can use it. What is ASP.
Elements of ASP :-
The three main components of ASP are:
1. Scripts
3. Components

1. Scripts:-
Statements used to create web applications in ASP (Statems ..Using VBScript Scripting Language to write this script inEither. ASP fleas are a lot of HTML files, made up of text, HTML tags and scripts. Uses a crisping lozenge called VBScript in ASPASP file is created. ASP files are stored with a .asp extension name.There is a difference between HTML tags and ASP code. HTML tags Less Than (<) and Greaterthan (>) is placed in brackets. But ASP Scripts start with <% 'sign (Start Delimiters)And ends with the "> sign. In between these two symbols is the (server-side script)Is written That is, the syntax for writing ASP Code is:

Server-side Scripts
An HTML editor called Notepad is commonly used to write ASP Script. But this work
Interestingly, a software called Microsoft Visual Inter Dev can be used. What is ASP.
  How does ASP work?
*I already knew; Scripts in the ASP file are SeTVe-side Scripts | Which means Scripts are the webThe server is converted (executed) to HTML code first and then it is the web page.The Client is displayed in the Web browser on the client's computer. What is ASP.
The entire ASP Working Process is :-
1. The request is sent from the web browser to the web server for an 'asp file.
2. The browser finds the appropriate web server (IIS or PWS) and it
3. Then the Web Server returns the  identifies the specified page ("asp file") and contains it in the ASP codeAnd %> Symbols Analyze Scripts (Execut/Process) the scripts contained in the HTML CodeConvert and create a standard webpage. Then re-client this webpage.Returns to the browser.
4. The client browser then re-analyzes the webpageRe-analyzes the page and displays it to the user.
The following figure shows the ASP's strategy: What is ASP.

2. Objects :-
The ASP contains the following five build-im objects:
1.Request: This means a request from the user via HTTPAccessing the Web Server.
2.Response: This means providing the user with the desired output data.
3.Server: Administer ITS (Internet Information Server) operations through a server.Or between client-coordinates. What is ASP.
4.Session. By means of a variable with the user's specified tenure in CanaIs saved.
5.  Application: This information is stored by.
The four main components of ASP are XML (Extensible Markup Language), COM(Component Object Model), HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) ADO (Activex DataObjects). All of these Components help to create a robust web site.XML is a meta-markup language that uses a bunch of tags.Structure helps to describe the data.
Use 'ASP Only' database (SQL, Access, Oracle) using AD0 Etc.) to find accurate and reliable data by connecting to a database. What is ASP.
Could See ASP Codes in Client Browser "as the ASP Codes are written in the HTML file. only HTML codes can see the ASP code.
Advantages of ASP Technology:-
The benefits of ASP are:
1. Helps to create a dynamic web page.
2. ASP technology is not browser dependent (Browser Independent).
3. Rich Database Connectivity.
4. Pitch helps in developing web applications with the help of built-in-object.
5. Web Servers for ASP (IIS or PwS) are available free of charge from Microsoft's Web site.Available (free download).
6. Special tool is not required for writing ASP file (Script). Notepad on WindowsThis is done by using a text editor program called Text Editor. What is ASP.

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