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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

What is web Server ?.


 What is web Server ?.


The network consists of a powerful computer with a high processing capacity and huge data storage capacity, This name of the webserver. The server's main task is to Quickly provide various services to other computer connected to the network (Such as the ability to use hardware and software totransmit files or letter transfer messages). What is web Server.

The network(LAN) may have one or more servers. Each server is marked with a different name. Servers canbe divided into two class :-
                1• Dedicated Server.
                2• No-dedicated Server.

1• Dedicated Server:- The server if fully dedicated to data storage and distribution, the are called dedicated server. What is web Server.
E.X:- File Server, Printer Server, e.t.c.

•File Server:- Data services and programs are stored on such servers. They Provide client computers when needed. That is the main task and programs needed on the plain Computer.What is web Server.

•MailServer:-Thistype of server is controlled
by the email exchange operations. When a client sends an email from the computer the mail server is stored first and then arrange for the heat to be sent to the specified mailing address.The mail server stores a copy of the email send in a folder called send mail, and Stores received emails
in the Inbox.

• Print Server:- This type of server handles
Document or file printing tasks.
The requested of the client computer is
associated with the Print Server the print server is therefore, a server is needed to meet the print requirements of client computer. What is web Server.

2• Non-Dedicated Server:- Server that are not fully deployed to provide services are called non-dedicated servers. This type of service only fill transfer services.
Non-Dedicated Servers are a server at once and acts as an workstation. For this reason, they are not fully deployed to provide services. Mostly peer to peer non-dedicated servers are persent on the network.
E.X:- Web Server, Real-time communication server, e.t.c.

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