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Sunday, August 11, 2019

What is Telegram & WhatsApp ?.

What is Telegram & WhatsApp? 

Telegram was founded by brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov in 2013 in Buffalo New York. The two brothers fled from their home country Russia where they faced clashes with the government about issues regarding free speech and censorship. They moved to New York which served as a safe haven for the two to create an app like telegram which served as a platform for individuals to express themselves freely and without restraints.

WhatsApp Best Alternative Mobile Application

Telegram is an app which uses an individual’s phone number as the user ID and allows users to interact with each other by sharing texts and documents. The traditional explanation of a telegram would be that it is a transmission of messages through signal, wire or broadcast. It is a very fast and instant messaging with a focus on speed and security and it can be a good alternative to whatsapp. Telegram also helps in maintaining high speed to make the given task to be completed quickly and accurately.

Telegram supports approximately 200 group chats at a single time. In this app there is a provision of ‘secret chat’ also to make the complete chatting experience a more safe and secure one so that the person does not reveal the identity. It also has an option to ‘self destruct’ the account of the user after a particular time period if the person fails to log out.

The attractive security system is what drove many consumers toward telegram, which in turn steered them away from social media apps such as Whatsapp and Facebook. Another fascinating characteristic of this app is the strict privacy policy which ensured full security of messages, unlike other apps which have come under the radar for selling user information for personal gain. The telegram app ensures a wholesome experience since it disallows in app advertising and other such distractions. The telegram app is also completely free to use.

Telegram also allows unlimited online storage for the convenience of the users. There are some common features in telegram like it supports the leaving of voice messages which is a common feature in whatsapp also. This app is the most successful one in the world of mobile apps. There is also a provision of sending a batch of photos together while chatting in a closed or an open group and it gets delivered in no time and this is the beauty of the wonderful app.

The messages uploaded can never be cracked or hacked until and unless it gets the consent of the users. Till date there has been no incident of the messages getting exploited. It is very secure and safe to use it and one doesn’t need to worry about the messages whether open or secret to bet open to all. The app also supports a wonderful multimedia where at least 100 people can share the files altogether and see them in a patch , but still the speed and the accuracy is maintained with utmost care, making the users more comfortable in there chatting world.

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