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Monday, August 12, 2019

What is Internet ?.

 What is internet

The internet is call large network system integrated with numerous small network worldwide.
                In a world, the internet is a network of network. The internet is the full name INTER CONNECTED NETWORK.It is the largest in the word, most advanced, computer storage system rich in huge data storage.

History of the internet:
1969 first in the us Department of Defence ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency) Invented Computer network system called. With US Universities for defence research this network system was developed to connect ARPANET Technology of today; Tea employs over 200million users.

Internet access (Advantages)
1• email exchange.
2• web browsing.
3• download file & uploading.
4• chatting.
5. Conferencing.
6• web page design etc.

Difficulty using the Internet:
1• The threat, of killing bomb's increases the criminal activity (cyber crime) of fraudulent engagement.
2• If one does not signout and logout, the none can enter into the account and another can cheat.
3• Hacking E-mail can destroy personal data
4• Viruses can make computer useless.

The importance of the internet
The importance of the internet in every field in human life is immense.

1• In Education
*Accept educational Information.
* Distance education
* Online coaching.
*Online admission
* The internet helps teacher education and student with the task of teaching online or taking exams.

2• In business
* Ticket booking, hotel booking, withdraw money from ATM and deposit.
* Selling product through e-commerce.
* Online banking transactions with internet banking or core banking.
* The internet help in advertising activities through the website.

3• In Governance:
* Establish Communication between Zilla Parishad Block panchayats through,            E- Governance.
* Without internet is the the impossible to do all the various project planning, froms, and other Information provided through the website.

4• In Daily life.
* LIC premium, Electric bill,Telephone bill, Holding, TAX  Nature Submitted.
* Accept Birth & Death certificate.
* Search for a job.
*Email exchange.
* Application for passport, Visa, PAN card Card is requested for internet service.

5• In Entertainment.
* Listening to music & watching movie.
* Play video game.
* Chatting.
* Shopping online.
* Make video call.
* Hotel booking and online booking are easily done through the internet.

Basic Requirements for Connectiong to the internet.
1• Modern computer ( laptop/ PC).                  2• Modem.
3• Telephone Connection.
4• Nos, web Browser.
5• ISP ( Internet Services provider).

                                 In this case, the Computer is Connected to the telephone line using the Modem and the internet is connected using Username & Password. However, using a USB modem does not require a Telephone Connection ISP IS an Internet service provider.
For example :- BSNL, AIRTEL, IDEA, JIO. etc.
The username is the internet username and password is the secret Number required to connect to the internet. The way in which a Computer is connected to the Internet with the help of ISP Using username & password is called login.


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