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Sunday, August 18, 2019

What is E-mail ?.

   What is E-mail?.

•Very fast Correspondence from one computer to another via the internet exchange strategy is E-mail/ Electronic mail.  What is E-mail 
Sending email requires three things.
E.x :- Internet Connection, E-mail address & Email Software.

Internet Connection:- To send an email ISP has to take an Internet Connection. The ISP gives a user ID and Password. The Computer can be Connected to the internet.  What is E-mail 
However using a USB modem does not require a separate user ID & Password.

E-mail Address :- Usually it takes such an address to send the letter; An address is required to send such email. This is where the email address or email ID is called Email ID can be create on most websites for free. Each letter of the email address consists ofthree main parts . What is E-mail .

E.X:- 1• User Name.
         2• Domain name.
         3• Type of Domain.
E.X :- mandalarpan2000@gmail.com

E.X :- mandalarpan2000@gmail.com in this mail address mandalarpan is the username. gmail is the domain name or the server name, .com is the domain type.  What is E-mail .
user name & Domain name separated by two iterative (@) Symbols.
E-mail Software:- To exchange emails the particular software used is called email. e.x Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Hotmail, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, e.t.c.

Advantage of Email:- Usually the following benefits are available if you do not send a letter via email or by email.

1• Letter can be sent very quickly.
2• Email can be stored in the mailbox for a long time.
3• The user picks up valuable time.
4• Email can be printed if needed.
5• The confidentiality of the letter or information remains.
6• The sinner can open his mailbox wherever he is and reads the letter & can respond.

Disadvantage of E-mail :- 1• Threats of killing threaten to spread botanical sacred criminal activity.
2• If you do not Signout/ Logout; one can enter into a new account and cheat.
3• Hacking E-mail can destroy personal information, or by stealing banking information and passwords, the online banking system can make money.
4• Mailboxing Can disable mailboxes by sending a letter multiple times.
5• Viruses can make Computeres useless.
6• Can hack hacked Email and destroy Confidential information.  What is E-mail .

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