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Saturday, August 10, 2019

What is CBI And CID?

What is CBI And CID? Explain In Details.

What are CID and CBI? How does this work? And what difference does there be between them? So today we are giving you all the information about this in this post about CID and CID. And knowing this information is important for you, because many questions about CID and CBI are asked in your exam several times. It is very important for them to know this information for you.
What is CBI And CID? Explain In Details.

•What CID?

The full name of the CID is the Crime Investigation Department. CID is a state police investigation and intelligence department. This department is given the task of death, rioting, kidnapping, theft etc., the establishment of the CID was done in 1902 by the British Government on the recommendation of the Commission and provided a special training to include any police officers. She goes. The state government or sometimes state high court is ordered to investigate the incident of any kind of incident. What is CBI And CID? Explain In Details.

•What is CBI?

What is the full name of CBI? Central Bureau of Investigation is the full name of the CBI. Central Bureau of Investigation is an investigative agency of the Indian Government in India. The national and international level crimes, such as murder scandals, are investigated by the Government of India for crimes such as corruption. The CBI agency was established in 1941 and in April 1963 the name of the Central Bureau of Investigation, whose headquarters is in Delhi, The powers to investigate have been given by Delhi’s Special Police Establishment Act 1946.
•Difference between CID and CBI:
To join the CID you need to join the state. The police examination of that state is to be passed. And after that you have to pass the examination of Criminology too. After that you can become a CID employee in a state. But to be included in the examination, SSC examinations should be conducted by the Board. It is necessary to have passed in it. What is CBI And CID? Explain In Details.
The biggest difference is that. As we have told you on the field of working for the CID is small. CID only works in the state. But the CBI can do all the work of investigation in any state of India. And apart from whole of India, he can also work in India overseas. What is CBI And CID? Explain In Details.
CID can only work in one state and it is ordered by the government of that state or the High Court of that state. The order is ordered by the Central Government Supreme Court or High Court to order CBI to investigate any incident after which the CBI starts the investigation process of any incident.
The powers of the CBI are much higher than the CID. And his team is also very big. Therefore, people demand to investigate the big riots of big cases or any other major incident to the CBI. So that they could get information about a fair and accurate investigation. So now you may have come to know what the difference between CID and CBI is.
The CID was founded by the British Government, but the CBI has been set up as a special police establishment.

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