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Monday, July 22, 2019

What is System Software ?.

What is System Software?.

System software is a type of computer  program that is designed to run a computer hardware and application program.  If we think of the computer system a layered model . The system software is is the the interface between the hardware and user application various examples operating system, drivers server Bios. What is System Software.

• What is programming Software ?.

 ° the the software which help in developing
   Other Software are called programming software.

° Examples Compiler, debugger and text editor etc.

° You want to build a software in php to write php code we use text editor . Text editor is a programming software and it is helping us in developing other soft,wares. What is System Software.

• What is applications Software ?.
The software that are used to aid/ helping in any task benefit from Computation Application software's are generally available in the market. What is System Software.

Examples :- My office, game, Image , editing software.

• What is custom Software ?.

  ° Software which are developed bassed on clients  requirements are called Custom software.

Examples Custom relationship management (CRM), banking appApplicat, hospital Management system, school dystsy. What is System Software.

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