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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Basic Network Concepts.

Basic Network Concepts


Introduction to Data Communication network:-

1• Data Communication:- The Data is the Primary information that collects analysis different sources the computer is provide for. Information on the other hand , analyzes data there are meaningful results Basic Network Concepts..
That help us make different type of decisions. Such school shall display that result of any examination on the notice board of all the student therein data can be seen. Again when a student or student fromBasic Network Concepts..
This list sees his/ her received number he may have passed or failed; Then it is considered as information to him.
                     Data communication is one of the ways in which data and information thought Computer networks is transmitted from one end of the world to the other. This
method of Data communication this is done through an advanced is made up of certain herdware and software . The customer computer consists of the sending computer and the network components associated with thes hardware. On the other hand, to make all these hardware functional, the programs that are used include the software. Data an information from one machine to another through software , how
Is to be determined. Also the rules that are followed during data Communication.


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